About Us

Growth for Businesses!

Helping  business to grow and prosper has been at the heart of everything we have done since our beginnings in the 1980s. We see great opportunities for businesses to improve performance in key areas of leadership, management and exporting and we have done some great work with clients in all of these areas.

In recent years we have become focussed on the growing opportunities offered by the enormous changes taking place in global markets. We have always had a strong international element in our thinking, and we now believe that there has never been a better time than now for businesses to engage internationally.

We are proud and delighted that through our relationship with UK Trade and Investment (the UK Government’s export support arm) we have been able to work with many thousands of ambitious new and experienced export businesses and contributed in some way to their growth and development.


What We Value

Respect for our clients’ front-line challenges and experiences

As experts in our own right, our team brings an enormous breadth and depth of experience. However, we never stop learning and our experience of getting under the skin of so many ambitious growing businesses gives us a truly unique and constantly evolving insight into business development: strategies and decision-making, management challenges, triumphs and disasters!

Helping clients find business success.

We want to share our knowledge as widely as we can. We work to do this through the workshops we offer and, more recently, through our unique online planning resource ‘ExportSavvy’.

A practical approach.

Whilst sound business theory underpins everything we do our approach is consistently based on the practicalities of business life.



A Unique Approach to Learning

Our approach is governed by a number of basic principles


´Management Time not Training´

Our programmes are very carefully constructed, guiding you through a series of sequential steps, allowing you to explore some of the key issues you face at each stage.

As the programme progresses you will come to focus more and more clearly on what needs to be done and how you might achieve this. That’s why we often say that you should see your Workshop as ‘management time, not training’ –  time spent planning the future success of your own business.  This implies an action plan, and all our Workshops include both the creation of an action plan and support for its implementation, either from us or a partner.


´About You, not About Us´

Our Workshops are well-structured,but the real driving force of what takes place on a Workshop is the needs of the group of people we are working with. This means that our approach is extremely flexible, and involves the delegates very fully. We recognise that much of what you can pick up comes not from the structure but from within the peer group and we are very skilled at facilitating this. We can sometimes be quite surprised by the outcomes that some clients will ascribe to our programme. We didn’t even realise we had covered that!


´The Power of the Group´

Peer groups are an outstandingly effective way for business people to pick up new ideas and approaches. In a competitive business environment constant learning is a must, and learning from others who have experienced the same challenges as you is a fast track. Peer groups are extremely powerful when the right conditions are created in which they can thrive – an atmosphere of trust and respect and a tone in which it is accepted that you will be challenged.
Business people recognise this power and very many groups continue to work together (both with and without our participation) after a programme has finished


´Just Enough, Just in Time´

 We don’t want to load you up with information which, though interesting, is not directly relevant.  Our approach is not academic and focusses very clearly on a small number of key understandings. Most of the effort in our programmes is directed towards taking these basics, exploring their application to the individual company and turning this into action.