Recent unsolicited feedback…


I would like to thank you. I found the workshop most interesting and opened my mind in terms of research and becoming proactive

Freya Rose - Freya Rose

Thank you so much David for your patience and support. I e mailed my ITA, Graham Nichols, to say how incredible you had been and also I spoke to Siddharth (UKTI India) yesterday afternoon. I learnt, as I said to you , more than I had any ideaI would and more. Your talent as a facilitator and what you are sharing is wonderful. I have an interview with a VIRTUAL PA, met with my bookkeeper and worked a way of us changing the way we work together to maximise time and free up more of mine – spoken to Siddharth to see about any potential partners in India and hear more about the market. I have a potential consultant to help me with Japan – she is a customer and approached me. She lived there for 20 years, wrote cook books out there and knows all about the food bloggers ways to market an appeal to the Japanese and what products they like. I am seeing Conrad Bird, who heads up GREAT on Thursday and no 10 – your name will be mentioned as a key person to help businesses to succeed

Amelia Rope - Amelia Rope

Thank you for all this great information. It’s really good to help us with shaping our export strategy throughout the year. I hope we keep in touch and perhaps bump into each other at future export events

Will Crosswaite - Auditionist Ltd

The course allows you to take a step back from day to day operations and review your export strategy in a structured approach, not possible in a general business environment. Also very good exchange of business ideas

Matt Deighton - Saxon Furniture

It has been important to just stop and really think.....the thinking we have done on the workshop will change what we do in the UK as well as overseas

Justine Carruthers - Traybakes Ltd

It was just great to get into a creative environment – it has made me realise what I need to do to move my international business forward

Jennifer Brown - Fyberspace

It challenged my assumptions – especially about my route to market. I feel much more confident that we are on the right track

Steve White - Tuxedo Money Solutions

High levels of interaction – feel more confident about moving forward.

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Now aware of the help and assistance available through UKTI and ITA’s

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From a personal point of view, I very much appreciate your acknowledgement and encouragement for my “fish out of water” syndrome. I could not have declared to the delegates about being out of my comfort zone without your support. It has inspired me.

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Very productive two days

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Very robust set of discussions

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It has changed what we are going to do. I now know that we are going to tackle a smaller, easier market before we take on somewhere more ambitious

Darius Burrows - Trilogy Beverage Brands

The workshop has assisted in taking the company forward onto the next level

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The course covered all areas achievable in 2 days. It’s a terrific course that is delivered with excellence

Darius Burrows - Trilogy Beverage Brands