Recent unsolicited feedback…


This Workbook has given me the template. I know what lies ahead and I feel confident about what I have to do

Derek Tweddle - Tweddle Engineering

Great learning experience

Details Withheld

Good focus – very helpful to see how others are approaching and extending their businesses

Rosemary English - Rosemary English Tours

We have booked our trading advisor meeting for the first week in January and have allocated company time for this regularly through the new year to make sure we do not lose momentum. Just wanted to reiterate our thanks and positivefeed back for the workshop. Probably more than this though was that, we didn’t know what we don’t know, so now have the enthusiasm to take on the world in a more structured way

James Hall - Vpress Ltd

It has been interesting and inspiring

James Detain - Encompassed Ltd

An excellent introduction. Very thought provoking with lots of practical exercises and advice

Janice Richards - Mathematics in Education & Industry

Good insight information and making sure youre-question your own objectives

Dennes James Kraan - Kraan, Tabitha JK Ltd

Excellent facilitator, and a great understanding of export opportunities and pitfalls was conveyed to help cover the topics

Andy Simmons - Briers Ltd

Really informative and I feel set up to develop our export Strategy in detail now – with the tools and or knowledge of where I need to go

Natalie Wilson - Shield 360 Ltd

A lot of information, relevant material with lots to think about and work further on

James Waddington - Romantica

Great basis and prevents huge errors and pitfalls

Nigel Jones - Dremz Ou Ltd

Fundamental understanding of export potential

Richard Whillall - Clair Price Trading Ltd

David, many thanks and once again for a great day – your enthusiasm was key to the success of the day, keeping us all engaged with a mixture of practical experience based scenarios and a solid knowledge of the subject. One of the many things, one chimed particularly well, ‘we should stop looking at selling products abroad but sell a business opportunity’. I now have the confidence to drive through the changes I need to take our business forward

Andy Saunders - GKD Technik Ltd

I will make good use of the work book and notes from last Wednesday. Thank you for this course, I tend to be quite critical of the presenters on days like this but you were outstanding. Everything was pitched at the right level and you used such good illustrations and anecdotes – I don’t feel I was out of my depth at all

Richard Kitzinger - Vocab Express

I expected to get a clear vision on how we can enter the international scene, have left with a much more and even bigger idea – excellent

Julie Collins - Academy of floral Art Ltd