Recent unsolicited feedback…


Great first stop to get you to think how to export your Business

Heather Fairbairn - TickBox Solutions Ltd

Hi Andy and fellow P2E workshop team. Can I just take this opportunity to thank you sincerely Andy for hosting a really enjoyable and active workshop – not only did I do a lot in terms of thinking, planning and making mistakes, but I was able to do so with a great group of people. Andy , you are brilliant at what you do

Carol Ford - AC Gotham & Son

Just a quick e mail to thank Andy and to comment on what an excellent job he did and to thank everyone else that participated in this workshop. It was lovely to meet such ‘down to earth’ people that made this workshop such fun and engaging experience. I wish everyone the best in their businesses and hope we can all keep in touch (Perry creating a LINKEDIN group for all of use was an excellent idea), remember: research ,research and yes, more research

Ging Karalis - Little Tree Furniture

We have gone from a gut feeling to be able to make a rational decision... Prioritising export, it is our only viable option

Jerry Fletcher - Complete Paper Solutions

Following on from Andy and Carol’s message, I thought it would be beneficial to create a LINKEDIN group for all of us. It would be great to hear everyone’s progress and advice in the coming months and years! Hopefully we can all help each other avoid making mistakes along the way. You are also more than welcome to invite other people from your company if you think they’d have an input or would benefit

Perry Coppen - Tidi-Cable Ltd

Well said Carol, what an incredibly useful 2 days. Good idea for the group, Perry – Dan you may need to help James

Samantha Maxwell-Reed - Expand Executive Search

Worthwhile and valuable to our export plans

Tim Franklin - Alturos Ltd