“Global Growers”

Our support for GlobalGrowers focuses on challenging existing practice.

Support can include both Workshops and in-company support, working closely with the ITA.

Workshops can be formulated in a wide variety of ways to meet the precise needs of your MSB strategy.

Please talk to us about your Programme Design Requirements

1 What is a Global Grower?
2 Six Key Challenges for Global Growers
3 Recruitment ‘Bootcamp’ for Global Growers
4 Global Growers: Strategy Game
5 Engagement with Individual Businesses

What is a Global Grower?

Global Growers have an established overseas business and operate across a number of markets.

The underpinning framework for ‘Growers’ is ‘The Six Key Challenges™’.

Programmes for this target group need to challenge existing approaches and practices in the interests of improved performance.

Global Growers may be SMEs or MSBs. The same considerations apply, but in the context of different sizes and types of company.

The timing of the ‘Global Grower’ stage is open ended

At all three levels the focus is on building overseas business which is both profitable and sustainable and is underpinned by research and planning

Six Key Challenges™ for Global Growers

  • Challenge One

    Strategic Reasoning and Commitment

  • Challenge Two

    Proposition and Positioning

  • Challenge Three

    Market Focus

  • Challenge Four

    Building the Resource Platform

  • Challenge Five

    Aligning the Business Model

  • Challenge Six

    Partner Performance and Sales

Why? How clear are our strategic objectives and implementation strategy? How strong is our top-level commitment to international growth? How well communicated is our commitment to international growth? Are we an exporter or an international business?

What? How fully is our proposition adapted to the export market-place? How well adapted is our product? How clear is our strategic positioning? Do we fully exploit our positioning to optimise profitability? How well is our positioning communicated to our market-place (directly/through our channels)?

Where? How clearly do we differentiate between markets we want to penetrate and develop and others? How well does individual market performance correlate to market potential? Do we allocate support/resource appropriately?

What with? How well are our strategic objectives aligned to our resource allocation. Could we refocus resource and create a platform for growth? Can we be more efficient in key areas of our business management (offering, markets, business model, systems)

How? How well does our current overseas business model(s) serve us? Does it achieve our market aspirations? Does it optimise our profitability? Does it optimise our use of resource?

Who? Do we have the right partners? How can we take corrective action? What steps can we take to improve partner performance? Can we structure partner management more effectively? Can we sell more effectively?

Recruitment ‘Bootcamp’ for Global Growers

High Performance Exporting
Winning Strategies for Globally Ambitious Businesses

performance exporting



10.30 COFFEE



13.15 LUNCH

15.15 TEA
16.15 CLOSE
Workshop 1
Set the Vision and Build the Winning Team*
From creating the strategy down to the execution of the last detail of delivering the order and getting paid , a committed and capable team is your key to international success
Workshop 2
Assess and Manage Risk
Where is your international business exposing you to risks? What steps can you take to mitigate them?
Workshop 3
Review the Effectiveness of your Contracts*
A good contract addresses the legalities and provides you with a management tool. What are the issues and where are the pitfalls?
Workshop 4
Challenge your International Sales Approach*
Are you maximising your effectiveness at the sharp end? What do international customers expect and ten tips to improve performance
Workshop 5
Build your Brand Overseas
“A brand is a promise kept.” How well is your promise made overseas mark …..and how well is it being kept?
Workshop 6
Optimise your International Channel Management
Is your distribution model delivering optimum profit? Or is it time for a rethink?
Workshop 7
Integrate Business Communication into your Strategy*
What does an international communications strategy look like? Maximise enquiries, build confidence in the team, increase your competitiveness and improve relationships with partners
Workshop 8
Review your Intellectual Property Protection*
Your IP is a significant element of your business value. How well protected is your IP in your overseas markets? What is worth protecting and what isn’t?
Workshop 9
Build the Resource Platform for your Growth*
The best growing businesses fuel their growth through business efficiencies. How can you ‘clear out the attic’ and release valuable resources
Workshop 10
Cost effective Market Research and Partner Identification*
A low-cost independent source of contacts, market data and understanding. A way of using ‘brand UK’ to support your credibility and market attractiveness. Financial support for your research and exhibiting activities
Workshop 11
Manage your Working Capital
UK Export Finance can work with you and your bank in a variety of ways to fund the deals that allow you to grow and develop

*Also suitable for new exporters

Global Growers: Strategy Game

Some of our best-known international companies develop their strategies through simulating strategic scenarios in the format of a ‘game’.

We are currently working on the development of a strategy game-based approach for companies engaged in global growth.

The game will bring together personnel from a range of businesses to pit their wits against the challenges of growing an international business through some key developments.

The objective is to develop strategic understanding and insight into strategy implementation.

The game can be implemented in a variety of formats. Bespoke versions can be designed for specific companies.

Global Growers: engagement with individual businesses

Global Growers are sophisticated businesses learning to compete on a global playing field.

They face all the challenges of any growth business – leadership, direction, people development, funding – combined with the complexity of international markets and supply chains.

Some are very large, many are much smaller in the range £15-50M turnover or even smaller.

We are currently developing a set of ‘toolkits’ to support the ITA in working with the company to tackle key areas of weakness and build a strong platform for future international growth.

Each Toolkit enables the ITA to work with members of the business to develop competitiveness by focusing on key areas of performance, identifying weaknesses and taking corrective action.

If required the process can be kick-started with a workshop for a group of clients interested in engaging in this development programme.

client journey