Meet The Team

Facilitator Team

 We have a uniquely skilled team who bring an enormous breadth of skills, experience and knowledge to our Workshops, as well as offering our clients the assurance of continuity of service and the security of an in-depth professional resource.

We work as a true team who get on well with each other and enjoy working together to share knowledge and experience and to develop new ideas.

It is a matter of pride that we have never failed to be available for an event, no matter where and no matter what the weather!

Our team comprises is a mix of full-time employees and part-time members, allowing us to offer clients a high degree of flexibility and reliability for their programmes.

Our team are all fully trained before they are allowed to run a Workshop ‘solo’. This generally involves between six and ten days of training. The team as a whole meets twice yearly to share experience, share ideas and continue the evolution of our workshops and events.

Our part-time team members all run their own specialist businesses. We find this works exceptionally well for participants in workshops who access current hands-on experience.


Andy joined Learning Impact as a full-time member of our team and Board Director in 2014. Andy has enjoyed four years’ success as an ITA and ITA Team Leader in the South West Region.

David is a full-time member of the Learning Impact team and our Managing Director.  

Rob is a full-time member of the Learning Impact team and a Board Director

Hilary is a highly respected and experienced member of the Learning Impact team, who currently splits her time between working for UKTI as an ITA in the South West Region and delivery of Workshops for Learning Impact.

Andrew has been exporting for 20 years and has held senior positions in multi-nationals and SME’s in industries as diverse as Food and Beverages, Scientific Equipment, Construction and Packaging.

Ian is a professional marketeer and expert in the development of international branding and e-commerce, with experience of working as a consultant for advertising agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi and Grey and Dorland.

Joy is a long-standing and highly valued member of the Learning Impact team. She is a capable organiser with a very strong eye for detail who is dedicated to ensuring that our service delivery runs smoothly and professionally.

Neil is a psychology graduate with over 25 years experience in international marketing management, consultancy and training.

Vivien has recently joined our team and is currently completing her training programme as a facilitator for Learning Impact.