New to Export “Explorers”

We are very experienced in working with New to Export businesses ‘Explorers’ and can adapt our approach to meet the needs of particular UKTI Regional initiatives.

Support can include both Workshops and online support.

Workshops can be adapted to meet the needs of both smaller (8-20) and larger (20 – 100) groups.

Please talk to us about your Programme Design Requirements

1 What is an ‘Explorer’?
2 Six Key Considerations for Explorers
3 Initial Workshop; attract, inform, inspire
4 Post-Workshop Support

What is an ‘Explorer’?

Explorers have no or little overseas business and are investigating their overseas potential.

The underpinning framework for Explorers is ‘The Six Key Considerations™’.

Programmes for this target group must inspire as well as inform.

Explorers may be SMEs or MSBs. The same considerations apply, but in the context of different sizes and types of company.

The timing of the ‘Exploration’ stage can vary greatly but might be expected to be between two and six months.

Six Key Considerations™ for “Explorers”

  • Consideration One

    The Potential of International Trade

  • Consideration Two

    Our Proposition

  • Consideration Three

    Our Markets

  • Consideration Four

    What resources are available for this?

  • Consideration Five

    Our Route to Market

  • Consideration Six

    The Partner Selection Decision

Why? What can international trade offer us? What are the barriers?

What? What have we got to offer? Why might people overseas buy from us?

Where? What does our ideal market look like?

What with? What resources might we need? What new skills might we need?

How? What are our options?

Who? How could working with a partner help us?

New to Export Businesses ‘Explorers’
Initial Workshop: attract, inform, inspire (New to Export ‘Bootcamp’)

Our approach to businesses at the earliest stages of international growth or exploration is to make sure that the emphasis is clearly placed on the benefits they can gain from participation in international trade. They are encouraged to think about benefits beyond simply sales growth, but to explore the potential long term benefits in terms of building a sustainable and profitable business model. Barriers and challenges are addressed realistically in the light of support available.

Workshops can be built to your exact specification. The example below is one we feel is particularly successful. A large scale event with a strong track record for up to 100 delegates.


10.30 COFFEE


13.15 LUNCH

15.15 TEA

16.15 CLOSE
Workshop 1
Your Offer (Service Companies)
Finding added value for an overseas customer
Workshop 2
Your Offer (Product Companies)
Finding added value for an overseas customer
Workshop 3
Your Ideal Market
Identifying the most profitable overseas markets for you
Workshop 4
The Road Ahead
The decisions exporters make on their ‘Export Journey’
Selecting Markets, Routes to market and Partners
Workshop 5
Protect your Intellectual Property
Act now to avoid downstream problems
Workshop 6
Market Research on a Budget
Low cost early stage market research
Workshop 7
Communicate Effectively Overseas
Overcoming language and cultural barriers
Workshop 8
Organise Your Ideas
Plan your overseas business success
Workshop 9
Free up Resources
Create the resource to succeed with your plan
Workshop 10
Maximise Your Profit
Pricing and costing and financial issues in overseas markets
Workshop 11
E-commerce as a route to market
Evaluation of a growing opportunity

Post-Workshop Support (Explore and Prepare Suites)

Our unique ‘ExportSavvy’ online training platform offers plenty of options for you to combine ITA support with further development opportunities for the early-stage exporter.

Use of the on-line facility allows you to ‘incubate’ businesses with potential and prepare them at low cost for more intensive interventions such as ‘Passport to Export’.

A bespoke post-workshop programme can be designed to meet your precise needs and deliver and help you build a useful pipeline.

This example shows a complete ‘Exploration and Preparation’ package linked in to practical ITA support.