Passport to Export “Active Starters”

Active Starters are a very special group of businesses who warrant particular attention as they turn their commitment into international action. The scope for shortening their ‘learning curve’ and guiding them to success is substantial.

We have exceptional experience in working with businesses at this level having seen around 13000 Passport businesses pass through our workshops. Support can include both Workshops and online support and can be adapted to the particular needs of UKTI regions.

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1 What is an ‘Active Starter’?
2 Six Key Decisions for Active Starters
3 Passport Workshop: strategy, profitability, sustainability
4 Post-Workshop Support

What is an ‘Active Starter’?

Active Starters have committed to international growth. They may be starting from scratch or they may be ‘passive’ exporters who want to move forward with a pro-active international growth strategy.

The underpinning framework for Active Starters is ‘The Six Key Decisions™’

Programmes for this target group must develop commitment and encourage clear strategic decision-making.

Active Starters may be SMEs or MSBs. The same considerations apply, but in the context of different sizes and types of company.

The timing of the “active starter” stage can vary greatly but might be expected to be between one and three years.

Six Key Decisions™ for “Active Starters”

  • Decision One

    Prioritising the Growth of International Trade

  • Decision Two

    The Proposition Decision

  • Decision Three

    The Market Selection Decision

  • Decision Four

    What resources are available for this?

  • Decision Five

    The Route to Market Decision

  • Decision Six

    The Partner Selection Decision

Why and when? What is driving our business direction?

What? What is our offer? How will we differentiate? How will we price? What other changes in marketing approach may be required?

Where? …should we put our effort?

What with? International expansion planning: money, skills and know-how

How? can we optimise our market entry approach?

Who? What will our partner need to be like? How will we identify them?

Passport Workshop: strategy, profitability, sustainability

Our Passport Workshop offers delegates a fresh, dynamic and bang-up-to date business development experience which can really impact their business and deliver back to the ITA a business which is motivated and focused on achievement.

The focus is on the development of strategy and clear strategic decision-making in order to build a business approach and business model which is both profitable and sustainable.

Workshops are illustrated with video case-study material and are hugely interactive with extensive peer-group engagement and challenge. The Workbook promotes the development of both a strategy and an action plan and is linked to on-line support (both pre and post Workshop).

We always work closely with a Region to ensure that the Workshop is adapted to the precise requirements of the Region and links seamlessly into the work carried out for the client by the ITA.

The LII Development Process

LII development process

Passport Workshop Content 2014/5 Overview

Passport Workshop Content

Post Workshop Support (ExportSavvy All Suites)

ExportSavvy is our online training and development platform. Delegates can be guided to specific modules post-Workshop as part of their programme or can work with their ITA to create a bespoke Programme for themselves.

The choice of learning modules is extensive and includes four suites:

Explore Suite

  • Why Export?
  • Communicating Your Offer
  • The Road Ahead
  • Your Ideal Market
  • Setting an Objective
  • Your Resources

Prepare Suite

  • Protecting Your IP
  • Effective International Communication
  • Simple Desk Research
  • Organising Your Ideas
  • Making A profit
  • Resourcing Growth

Distribution Suite

  • Approaching Partner Selection
  • Pitch to a Potential Partner
  • Assessing Capacity and Capability
  • Shared Commitment
  • Agreeing Targets
  • Contractual Issues
  • Motivate and Manage your Distribution Partner

Professional Suite

  • Legal Considerations
  • Financial Considerations
  • Logistical Considerations