Vivien Hacker MA PhD

Vivien has recently joined our team and is currently completing her training programme as a facilitator for Learning Impact.

Vivien is a German national who for the last ten years has run her own successful business specialising in providing hands-on assistance to smaller businesses right across the North West of England, helping them to launch their products and their services and grow their markets in the German-speaking areas of Europe. Her week-to-week work involves her in back and forth trips to Europe and includes all the practical aspects of export management and growth: marketing research, sales and promotions support, representing her clients at international German trade fairs and business meetings in Germany as well as inputting into international strategy.

Vivien is able to draw on years of experience in dealing successfully with German media, writing articles and features, and conducting interviews, aimed at making the company, its product, and its philosophy better known to the German market place.

As a facilitator Vivien is able to use her exceptional interpersonal skills to develop a very strong rapport with a group and to help the group focus on the key strategic decisions and options they need to address.  Delegates appreciate her practical hands-on experience and advice.

She works regularly with North Western universities, Chambers of Commerce and other networking associations, and sees one of her main business objectives as building bridges between UK firms and institutions and their German counterparts.